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Office Support undertakes translations in Greek and English, on many different areas, specializing in healthcare and market research.

Frequently asked questions

Why work with us

Network of specialized collaborators

Office Support only works with professional translators and each text is assigned to the collaborator who has a good grasp of the specific subject.


Office Support and its employees, are bound to treat with the utmost confidentiality any data made available to them during translation projects and not disclose information to any third party. Office Support will also sign a confidentiality agreement.

Fast delivery

We always deliver within the deadline agreed and always try to be flexible in order to meet your specific needs.

Upload your files

If your files are digital, they can be sent to us via upload to a secure FTP server, through our website, in order to save the time and the cost involved in sending the files.  This service is available 24 hours 7 days a week.


Office Support has extensive experience in translations, specializing in healthcare and market research (e.g. questionnaires, discussion guides, reports and presentations of results).

Frequently Asked Questions

In how many days can you deliver a translation?

Delivery time depends on the length and the complexity of the text. This is why we will ask you to send us the text to be translated, so that we can include specific timings in our proposal.

In case the translation must be delivered earlier than the proposed date, the express delivery option is available, with an additional charge, and following prior communication.

How much will it cost me?

The cost for each text depends on its complexity and its length. This is why we will ask you to send us the text to be translated, so that we can provide you with a cost estimation.

The cost is calculated per translated word, i.e. based on the actual number of words included in the translated text (word count by Microsoft Word); you should also be aware that a minimum charge is applicable for very short texts.

How do I pay?

Upon completion of the translation, we issue the respective invoice (or receipt) on credit. Invoices are sent through e-mail as Office Support uses e-invoicing, while receipts are sent via regular mail. Payment is made either through a bank deposit to the company’s accounts or in cash.  Projects cannot be delivered unless fully paid.

Do you translate all types of texts?

Office Support undertakes translations in various sectors/fields, including legal texts and specializes in texts related to the healthcare-pharma and market research sectors.  However, we do not undertake the translation of literature and technical texts (e.g. engineering, chemistry etc.).

In any case, please send us a sample of the text you want to have translated, so that we can confirm if we have a specialized translator who can undertake the translation of the specific text.

How it is done

For more information, contact us at 210-7560244 or at info@officesupport.gr.

ISO 9001:2015

Since 2011, Office Support has developed and implemented a quality management system, meeting the requirements of the ISO 9001:2008 standard.  This system ensures the proper operation of the company and the quality of the services offered
(you can see the certificate here).

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