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Digitization is an extremely important modernization tool, a reliable means of transferring the past into the present and the future.

Preservation for the future

By transforming useful material into digital format, we are now able to follow technological progress without losing touch with the past; at the same time, we can utilize every new possibility that becomes available to us, such as remote access.

The use of digital technology contributes to the preservation of all materials through time and it also adds value to the special moments we have experienced in the course of our lives.

What is digitization?  It is the conversion of analog files into digital files, so that you can use them on your computer, your CD/DVD player, your tablet, or even your mobile phone.  What could be better than bringing the past together with the future?  What could be more valuable than your memories?

We offer digitization services for:

Audio and Video

Digitization of tapes, vinyl records, photographs, negatives and slides

Documents & OCR

Digitization of documents & OCR

For further information regarding digitizations, please contact us at +30-210-7560244 or at info@officesupport.gr